Brutus the Bear
Bearwhip 2000  Conveyor Belt Cleaning System
manufactured exclusively by Grotto's Tool Works

Tool Works

102 Ramblewood Lane
Greenville, SC  29615

Voice/Fax: 864-268-9368
Attention: Dick Grotto

Bearwhip 2000 Applications

  • Single model for all applications
  • Can be used with vulcanized and mechanically spliced belts
  • Fits belt/pulley configurations from 6 to over 54 inches in diameter and belt widths from 18 to 120 inches
  • Cleans efficiently on slow speed belts (less than 100 fpm), fast speed belts (more than 1,000 fpm) and anything in between
  • Sucessfully cleans conveyor belts handling coal, ore, stone, aggregate, sulphur, phosphate, sand, limestone, gravel, cement, asphalt, cullet, sewage sludge, diatomaceous earth, bauxite, bagasse and wood chips
  • Sucessfully used in the food, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries
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Brutus the Bear
Brutus the Bear