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Bearwhip 2000  Conveyor Belt Cleaning System
manufactured exclusively by Grotto's Tool Works

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Bearwhip is a conveyor belt cleaner/scraper like no other! Its unique patented design is simple to install, requires little maintenance, designed with durable long-lasting tungsten carbide cleaning elements and has unsurpassed cleaning efficiency.

Patented, manufactured and marketed by Grotto's Tool Works, there are now thousands of Bearwhip Belt Cleaners installed and in use worldwide.

Our most recent design, the "Bearwhip 2000", combines all the attributes of an ideal belt cleaner. (See photo below of a complete unit.)

Complete unitBearwhip strand

The photo above shows a typical Bearwhip 2000 cleaning strand. All Bearwhip 2000 cleaning strands are identical and interchangeable, reducing your inventory costs.

An ideal belt cleaner should:

  1. Be very simple to install and maintain.
  2. Be "belt friendly".
  3. Be efficient at any belt speed.
  4. Clean to your satisfaction anywhere on the return side of your conveyor belt, but especially on the face of the discharge pulley.
  5. Have tungsten carbide cleaning elements.
  6. Have a large number of thin cleaning elements.
  7. Be self-adjusting.
  8. Ensure contact of the cleaning elements at all points across the dirty section of your belt.
  9. Be contained within the chute.
  10. Withstand high temperature and corrosive conditions.
  11. Be efficient at any moisture content.
  12. Operate on a reversing belt without belt damage.

The Bearwhip 2000 Belt Cleaner design meets the above criteria better than any other cleaner
on the market!

We guarantee it!

Grotto's Tool Works has been involved with the Bearwhip 2000 since its inception, first in the design and application aspects of this cleaner, and subsequently as the sole manufacturer.

Some of the many advantages of the Bearwhip 2000 Conveyor Belt Cleaning System are:

  Ease of installation - just four (4) bolts!
Designed with..........
Self-adjusting, long-lasting tungsten carbide cleaning elements
Low maintenance
And, it.....................
Puts carryback in its place
Reducing wear on idlers, pulleys and other downstream components
Best of all, it............
Eliminates manual clean-up!

One of our customers who owns and operates an asphalt producing plant (there aren't too many substances stickier than asphalt) had this to say:

"We've had a carryback problem on our 'hot belt' for the past six years, and tried a number – too many, really – of cleaner designs. Then we found out about and installed our first test Bearwhip 2000 design scraper. We were amazed! The carryback problem disappeared, carryback was completely eliminated. After one year of operation, the cleaning elements were inspected and no discernable wear had occurred. Because of our success with the test Bearwhip 2000, we've started a program of retrofit throughout the plant. As far as we've found, nothing even comes close to the Bearwhip 2000."

We can't guarantee that a Bearwhip 2000 can "completely eliminate" your carryback problems, but we're certain that if you try a Bearwhip 2000 you will be amazed at its efficiency.

We can't promise that you'll see "no discernable wear" in the one year of operation, but we know that if your operation is similar to most of our customers, product life of the Bearwhip 2000 will pleasantly surprise you.

When you choose a Bearwhip 2000,
you're not getting just another belt cleaner,
you're getting a cleaner belt!

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Brutus the Bear
Brutus the Bear